AS568 Low Temperature Red Silicone O Ring Seals

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Silicone O-rings are commonly used in applications such as fluid handling systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and electrical connectors. They may also be found in medical and food processing equipment due to their ability to withstand high temperatures and chemical exposure, as well as their non-toxic properties.
When selecting a silicone O-ring, it is important to consider factors such as operating temperature range, chemical compatibility, and the shape and size of the sealing groove. Proper installation and maintenance procedures are also important to ensure the O-ring performs optimally and provides a reliable seal.

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About silicone O-rings

1.Material Composition: Silicone O-rings are made of a synthetic rubber compound known as silicone elastomer, which is composed of silicone polymer, filler, cross-linking agents, and other additives.
2. Applications: Silicone O-rings find extensive use in diverse industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, and food processing. They are commonly utilized in applications where high temperature and chemical resistance are required, such as in steam, hot water, acid, or alkali environments.
3. Color Availability: Silicone O-rings are available in a range of colors, including translucent, white, black, red, blue, and green. The color is often used to indicate different sizes, applications, or chemical compatibility.
4. Compatibility: Although silicone is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, it is not compatible with some materials, such as hydrocarbon solvents, fuels, or some acids. It is essential to check compatibility with the intended environment before using silicone O-rings.
5. Sizes and Shapes: Silicone O-rings are available in a vast range of sizes and shapes, from tiny micro O-rings to large-diameter seals. They can be molded, extruded, or die-cut to meet specific application requirements.
6. Special Features: Silicone O-rings can be designed with special features, such as a conductive or non-conductive surface, FDA-compliant materials, or corrosion resistance coatings. Customized designs are also possible to meet specific requirements.

Product parameter

Product Name O Ring
Material Silicone/VMQ
Option Size AS568 , P, G, S
Property Low temperature resistance, Ozone resistance, Heat resistance etc
Hardness 40~85 shore
Temperature -40℃~220℃
Samples Free samples are available when we have inventory.
Payment T/T
Application Electronic field, Industrial machine & equipment, cylindrical surface static sealing,flat face static sealing, vacuum flange sealing, triangle groove application, pneumatic dynamic sealing ,Medical equipment industry, heavy machinery, excavators, etc.

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